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We service and repair most AC and DC drives used in the elevator industry today.

In addition to the repair, we also replace parts that will extend the life of your drive, including: fans, pilot relays, contactor contacts, and the filter capacitors in all circuits.

The manufacturer specifications of Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drives reccomend bus capacitors should be changed in five to seven year intervals. When these capacitors reach the end of their life cycle they allow a higher AC component on the high voltage buss and cause damage to the IGBT's.

We also look for potentially compromised connections that may not fail now, but could fail in the future. We repair any we find.

Drive Discrepancy Sheet (.pdf 598.2 kB)

DC Drives
  • Allen Bradley 1392 and 1395 analog and digital
  • Armor Dynaglide
  • Baldor
  • GE Valuetrol and GE DC300
  • Louis Allis
  • Magnetek
  • MCE 12 Pulse
  • Saber 3412
  • SWEO
AC Drives
  • ABB
  • Allen Bradley 1336
  • Baldor Vector
  • CEC Quantum 2
  • EMS
  • KEB
  • Kone Eco/Monospace MRL KDL16L, KDL16S, V3F16 and V3F25
  • Kone KDM Drives
  • Loher Dynalift
  • Magnetek HPV 900 and HPV600
  • Mitsubishi
  • Omron
  • Otis Gem
  • Otis Nippon
  • Otis Regen GCS Global
  • OVF30
  • Saftronics
  • Schindler Variodyn Drives
  • Thyssen Krupp/Dover Quantum
  • Unico 1100
  • Yaskawa
Featured Sales

OEM Montgomery/Kone Miprom I/O Boards


Kone V3F16 L 20A

Repair: $1450.00 + Parts
Exchange: $3450.00
Sale: $5250.00
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