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We repair almost every circuit board that is installed in elevators in the United States of America.

In our state-of-the-art lab we can test the operation of almost every board we repair in real equipment racks or in simulated test stations to guarantee your board will work properly when returned to you. Boards we repair have a ninety day warranty.

Bring your board in and drop it off or send it to us via a parcel carrier to have it repaired today.

If your damaged board has caused you to shutdown an elevator, we offer rush services. Let us know you need a rush on your order and we will give your board the highest priority.

To aid us in the repair of your equipment, print out and fill in our Board Discrepancy Sheet and send it in with the equipment to be repaired.

Board Discrepancy Sheet (.pdf 556.6 kB)
Featured Sales

OEM Montgomery/Kone Miprom I/O Boards


Kone V3F16 L 20A

Repair: $1450.00 + Parts
Exchange: $3450.00
Sale: $5250.00
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